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Au cas où vous auriez loupé l’info lundi, The gardener a maintenant sa page facebook ! N’hésitez pas à aller liker et faire un peu de pub 😉

Prochaine mise à jour, vendredi prochain. Bon week-end à tous !

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In case you missed the news last Monday, The gardener now has its facebook page ! Feel free to like and make your friends know about it 😉

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J’aime beaucoup ces premières pages, déjà c’est agréable de voir un dessin de qualité, détaillé et avec une chouette mise en page (je suis pas une spécialiste, mais ça me paraît clair et dynamique). Et puis j’ai hâte de voir ce qui va se passer ^^

A small sitenote; even in vinter time there is lot of things to do in a garden. Especially at such a large area as it seems our hero have ^^; ( And yes I do myself work at a manor in the forest/garden/park area of it ^^; )

But else it is a lovely work. I will surely enjoy to follow this webcomic in the future

Thanks for stopping by. Gardening must be a tough work! I don’t know a lot about it (I’m barely able to keep plants alive in my apartment v_v’) but I hope I won’t do too much mistakes when I’ll be drawing tools and all. Feel free to tell me if I do 😉

Indeed it is a hard job. Its not just cutting bushes and grass, is also to make sure weed dont go on the grass, remove moss (?) from the grass, move trees, plants flowers seasonal. If there is a moat it is also about cutting the ‘siv’ ( *kicks google translate for derping at me * ) 2-3 times a year. Kill off bugs that destroy plants, remove some plans completely as deers and hares/rabbits tends to eat of small trees and rub horns on them and kill them ^^; cut treebranches o the trees look fine and so on…
Also pluck eventua fruit trees and beries ( but I guess it depends on how nitypity the lord is.. The lord Im working for wants the fruit down before they ripe, but prefers picking the berries himself ^^, )
All in all its a big job to keep the nature at such a place is nice and fine. So its good the gardener in his comic a hardworking man 😉

And yes I will make sure to point out if I see mistakes at the tools ^w^b * feels this response became rather… long * ( about your apartmentplants: its very different from plant to plant how much sun they need and how much water.. Personally I prefer cacti and meateating plants xDD )
Oh and when cutting flowers make sure to cut them oblique.. That way the flower will last longer, have easier to get water and for roses sakes it is easier to heal ^^,

Thank you for taking time to explain your job, that’s very interesting! Now I realize there’s way too much work in my hero’s garden for a single gardener (even if he’s a hardworking man ^^’), there’s enough work for a whole crew of gardeners!
Anyway, I think I’ll keep things simple about gardening (like cutting bushes & grass, weeding, etc.), this story is mainly about romance after all. But, I’d be glad that you check on mistakes ^__^

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