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Eh oui, on passe tout de suite à la page 23, les 2 précédentes seront dans la version papier uniquement.

Yep, pages 21 and 22 are missing. But they’ll be in the printed version of The gardener.

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Heeeee c’est quoi cette méthode marketing ?! XDDD (En fait tu met pas les pages un peu « chaude » en ligne ou c’est une autre raison ? )

Il y a de ça effectivement, avec ce genre de contenu il faut mettre un avertissement pour les visiteurs mineurs, voire restreindre l’accès pour les majeurs. Je n’avais pas envie de m’embêter avec tous ces trucs donc j’ai décidé de ne pas mettre les pages trop chaudes en ligne.
En plus de ça, comme j’avais l’intention dès le départ de faire une version papier, je me disais qu’il me fallait quelques bonus, histoire de donner un réel intérêt à la version imprimée. Du coup, les bonus ce seront les pages chaudes 🙂

Your fans have a right to see the whole story and any true fan would buy the book to support you regardless if most of it is stuff they have already seen. Thats like going to justin beibers free concerts and him only singing 30 seconds of each song and telling you to go buy tickets for his next show. Or game developers saying the have a really great game for you but you have to download and pay for half the experience in DLC. Think about it, everyone is doing it, and we all hate it, so why keep doing it?
(and so what if it’s extra work to put the naughtier bits up? Thats more than half the reason I’m sure some of your fans started reading in the first place)

but then again it’s your call whether you want die-hard appreciative and supportive fans or not. 😐

Hey Lohen, thanks for giving me your point of view.
Now I realize that I haven’t been clear enough about those extra pages. I don’t want my readers to think that I’m holding them offline so they have to buy the printed version. So I’ll explain why to you here and I’ll make a post about it to be sure everybody get it.

The most important thing there is to know is that I don’t want this website to be NC-17. When you put adult content — I mean porn — on a website, you must prevent underaged visitors from accessing this content by putting a disclaimer or asking each visitor how old he/she is.
When I built this website, I thought about all that and came with several solutions like :
– put adult content online + disclaimer
– put adult content online + ask visitor’s age
– put adult content online locked with a password (I even though about asking money for this password :()
– don’t put adult content online

I chose the last solution because I didn’t want to bother with the technical part of putting a disclaimer or a lock. But not only.
When I started to work on The gardener as webcomic, I known from the very beginning that I would do a printed version. I don’t think it’s fair to make people pay for something they could read online for free. So I thought I must add some bonus pages. And when I built this website and decided to keep sex pages offline, I thought they would do perfect as the bonus pages I needed.

Somewhere I must have been wrong telling that I’m keeping those pages offline. May be I should have say nothing about them, not letting anyone know anything about them. And when I would announce that I’m releasing a printed version, I would have say « hey, they’re some extra pages in it, hope you’ll like them ».
I’m so excited about this project that I said too much about it but wasn’t clear enough to make my readers understand how I want to manage it. I hope you won’t hold any grudge on me and keep reading The gardener 😉

I just started reading this comic. i want you to know that I will not be continuing to read it because there are pages missing. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s the adult content that’s missing and everything to do with the fact that there are pages that are meant to be here of this story that are just not. I wouldn’t read a book with a pages ripped out. I wouldn’t watch a movie with a couple of the intended scenes cut. Why would I read an incomplete comic? I will not be buying the print version because I haven’t read enough to feel like I need to. I just wanted to let you know that your decision has cost you a reader.

Thanks for your comment, any feedback is welcome.
Missing pages aren’t really missing, the story doesn’t miss anything, it’s whole already.
I really don’t want those pages on my website so I don’t have to make it an adult website AND they are a bonus to thank the readers who buy the printed version. Well, it’s kind of like those movies that are released in DVD with extended scenes. I mean, it’s EXACTLY like those movies! 😉
Also, I’ll add that my decision doesn’t cost me anything, if you don’t enjoy my comic without those pages, you won’t enjoy it any other way.

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