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Chap01 – p31

Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin, les vacances ne font pas exception. The gardener est donc de retour et j’espère pouvoir rapidement venir à bout de ce premier chapitre dont il ne reste que quelques pages.

Well, all good things come to an end, as holidays does. So, The gardener is back and I hope to finish this first chapter very very soon, just a few pages left.

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Alors tout d’abord bon retour! J’espère que tu as passé de bonnes vacances. Je suis contente de retrouver ce cher Ambroise et Léo le grognon.
Bon apparemment un début de révélation sur sa santé.

Oh! Not young and sexy doctor!! Leo could be relieved! But I so wish to see him as a furious bull seeing Archi examined (gropped) by some other bull.

Thank you for the update! I hope you had a great vacation!

Ah ah Sorry about the not-young-and-not-sexy doctor, I know you had expectations about him ^^; But, I promise there’ll be some groping in the forthcoming pages (after chapter 1) 😉

Une nouvelle page ! Une nouvelle page ! *sautille partout* Bon le docteur est pas sexy mais pas grave, ça fera un concurrent de moins à Léo ! Donc Ambroise a un problème au genou, c’est pas trop grave j’espère 🙂 En espérant que tu ais passé de bonnes vacances et à lundi prochain 😉

Mes vacances se sont bien passées, merci ^^

Ambroise n’a plus rien de grave au genou, en tout cas, rien qui ne l’empêche d’avoir une vie amoureuse et de faire des galipettes 😉 hin hin

It’s the first time I comment here though I’ve been following this comic for some time 🙂
I hope you had enjoyed your vacation and glad you are back. I was missing these pages!

Thanks a lot for reading The gardener and for commenting. I’m glad you like it 🙂

My vacation was nice, I had a great time, thanks for asking. I rested a lot (and sun-bathed a lot too! ~♥) but managed to find some time to work on The gardener, mostly during rainy/cloudy days, I must admit ^^;

I have only recently discovered your fantastic comic, so I don’t know if you still want to make changes… But « How do you do? » is only for meeting someone for the first time (and is rhetorical). « How are you doing? » would be better (but perhaps too informal). « How are you? » would be best.

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