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Chap01 – p33

Eh voilà, c’est la fin de la scène avec ce cher Docteur Forester mais peut être aura-t-on l’occasion de le croiser à nouveau… La prochaine page marque le début de la dernière scène du chapitre 1 et j’espère la mettre en ligne vendredi. Croisez les doigts ! 😉

Aaand, that’s the end for dear Doctor Forester. But, we maybe see him again in the future… With the next page will start the final scene of this chapter, I hope to publish it on Friday. Cross your fingers! 😉

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I have the feeling Eugene is jealous seeing the doc near to Ambroise.;) *smirks* I wonder what, or who, will see Ambroise when he looks from the window.:D

Actually, Eugene is just doing his butler thing, taking Doctor Forester back to his car.

My, my, girls you’re so much more imaginative than I am ^^;

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