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Chap01 – p34

Eh voilà une deuxième page cette semaine ! On tient le bon bout, plus que 4 pages pour terminer ce chapitre !!

A second page online this week, I wish I could post 2 pages a week every weeks! 4 more pages and that’ll be the end of chapter 1.

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Du coup, autant aller profiter du magnifique jardinier! Oh pardon du magnifique jardin.
J’ai hâte de voir la réaction de Mister Grognon (^_^)

Le plus drôle dans tout ça, c’est qu’Ambroise, naïf comme il est, va faire un tour dans les jardins sans même penser qu’il y croisera Léo ^^;

This is super pretty, but also kinda slow moving. Will we see any interesting boy on boy crushing soon? I love that this is in English as well. It’s really a nice comic and the men look really hot.

Thank you Mary!
You’re right it is slow moving, mostly because this 1st chapter introduce all characters. Next chapters should focus more on Ambroise & Leo and their relationship.

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