Chap02 – 23

Eugène fait son retour pour la fin du chapitre, quel sort réserve-t-il à notre pauvre Ambroise ?

Eugene is back for the end of this chapter, he seems up to something…

In another news, the preorder session for The gardener book 1 in English is cancelled due to an apparent lack of interest. A big thank you to all of you guys who did preorder, I’ll probably put the book on Lulu so you can have it anyway. I’ll keep you posted about it.
I’m a bit sad about this but, hey, that’s not the end of this project and the French preorder was already quite a success for me. I’m still wondering if there was something wrong about the preorder process though, so feel free to tell me. 😉

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Ohhh, that smile!!! You know, Eugene, don’t you?;) Old IT spy!:D

I wanna say about myself that I very much sorry I couldn’t buy although I wanna so much.:( We live very hard and I can’t afford buying anything, nor local paper books, nor online comics, ebooks or manga. If my life becomes better someday I’ll be happy to could buy my favourites!

I’ve always reposted the new pages in English in my Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Tumblr with the thought to help this way.

I totally understand that, I know those times are quite hard on a lot of people so they can afford to by a book and, gosh, those shipping fees are so expensive!! Seriously, if it wasn’t about money, I would so enjoy to give my book for free to whoever want to read it.
In fact, my question was not really about money but more about the preorder process or eventually about the comic quality. I know my English is far from perfect so I thought it could be something bothering people. Like you can read for free some webcomic with average English but you’ll never buy the book… I don’t know.

Anyway, thank you *A LOT* for your kind support, I can’t express how much I’m grateful <3

OMG I feel soooooo bad. I wanted to do a preorder but it slipped my mind. I doubt you would reopen preorders because of 1 more order. But IDK I still really wanted a copy.

The preorder process was a bit complicated. Unfortunately, I don’t know how these systems work.

Don’t feel bad, that’s ok.

The preorder process may be a bit complicated, I totally agree about that. It should have been wiser to do a kickstarter instead but I don’t really have the time to manage one and to work on rewards for bakers…

Je découvre à peine ce webcomic, je viens de me dévorer d’une traite toutes les pages disponibles ! Que dire à part… VITE LA SUITE !! *-*

Je suis vraiment sous le charme, tant de l’histoire que des dessins !

Bonne continuation, vous avez gagné un nouveau lecteur !

Léo (et oui, moi aussi !)

Bienvenue ici Léo ! (voilà un bien joli prénom ;))

Je suis content que la BD te plaise et j’espère que la suite te plaira autant. Il va cependant falloir que tu sois patient parce que je n’avance pas très vite ! ^^;

Hello! I just started reading today. It’s so beautiful! I really appreciate that you post it in English as well. 🙂 Thank you

Hello Rochelle and welcome onboard! 🙂
I’m very glad you enjoyed The gardener, thank you very much for your kind comment!

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