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Merci à tous pour vos voeux de bonne année, j’espère que vous avez tous passé de belles fêtes de fin d’année. Il est maintenant temps de reprendre la publication de ce chapitre 2. ^^

Thank you for your new year wishes, I hope you all had wonderful holidays. It’s now time to resume this chapter 2.

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I think you meant ‘for hours’ instead of ‘four hours.’ The first is a general statement that means ‘a long time’ or ‘quite a few hours’ whereas the second one is a specific number of hours (4). If you did mean for his lunch to have been ready 4 hours ago, then the sentence would flow better if you added ‘for’ so that it read ‘Your lunch has been ready for four hours.’

Your art is beautiful and you do an wonderful job of translating. I can’t wait for more.

Thank you Jelly for telling me about this typo! I just corrected it.
Feel free to tell me about other typos if you find more of them or about wrong/weird translation as you did 😉


J’espère que tu as bien profiter des fêtes de fin d’année!
Je trouve que notre cher Ambroise a l’air un peu soucieux (°_°)

« in a few » is unusually informal for ambrose, I would have expected « in a few minutes » here.

the reminder to eat seems awkward to me, I’d suggest « Perfect. Also, I would like to remind you, sir, that you have not yet eaten »

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