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Et voilà, c’est la fin du chapitre 3 ! J’espère qu’il vous a plu, pour ma part, j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à travailler dessus et j’ai hâte de passer au chapitre 4. 🙂

And that’s the end of chapter 3! I hope you enjoyed it, I had a great time working on it and I’m eager to work on chapter 4. 🙂

Edit: translation corrected. Thanks for your help! 😉

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EEEEEET BINGOOOOOOOO ! J’en étais sûre ! hahaha
Merci pour ce chapitre, merci pour ce manga et vivement le chapitre 4 alors ! Courage pour tout =)

I can’t say I know what he said exactly, but it looks like he just picked someone up at his local bar. 🙂 I should have guessed. Nice way to end the chapter. Translation is off, but still nice way to end it.

Not entirely sure that the line in this one makes complete sense, Though I guess what he’s saying is that, the drink he just got is for the cute guy who just sat down next to him. and on the other note…

OH POOR ARCHIE Betrayed by his would be lover/bear/employee. On the other hand since they’re not an item and since he’d loose his job if he did most likely. Then really he’s entitled to pursue anyone he wants other than Archie, Although some how I think we’ll be seeing more of this new face. which will break poor Archie’s love lorn heart for sure’s. Poor rich gay boy… and I totally saw this coming Ha. but anyway thanks for sharing this.


Fruanc J. H.

Leo is asking the guy what he wants to drink.

Thanks for your comment! 🙂

I’d recommend…

« So..what’ll it be for you, cutie? »

Aw…so sad that these two guys (Leo and Archie) can’t just get past all the class nonsense and get together. I’m hoping that they’ll be together in the end though. We’ll just have to be patient and keep reading! Love it!

Merci pour ce chapitre très heureuse d’avoir pu en apprendre plus sur nos deux héros qui petit à petit se découvrent devant nous.
Vivement le 4!

Très jolie fin de chapitre ! Même s’il ne finit pas avec Archie… Il a un petit air de ressemblance non ?
Mojito et tequila, bon choix !
Merci pour ce chapitre et vivement le prochain ! <3

Content que tu aies remarqué cet air de ressemblance. 😉
Il est encore un peu tôt pour Léo pour comprendre ses sentiments à l’égard son patron. Espérons quand même que ça ne lui prenne pas trop de temps non plus !

Je suis outrée pas vos manières Léo!! lol
Ahlala, c’est mecs!!!
Félicitation pour cette fin de chapitre!!
Hâte de voir à quoi va ressembler le suivant!!

Hm the translation sounds more like « What’ll it be, Cutie? » or « What are you drinking?(so I can buy it for you? »)

On the one hand, WOO HOO! Pickup sex! Maybe we’ll see our favorite Grumpy bear get some cub loving?

On the other,


Ha ha ha! Thank you Mary!! ^^
Leo is a one night stand kind of guy but that may be change in the future. 😉

(Text corrected, thanks!)

Naah, i should guess which is the best way for venting down a bad mood!! 😀 😀

The romantic angel on one of my shoulder screams « Nooooo!!!! Leo, you belong to Archi! » But the horny devil on my other shoulder smirks « Good!!! Good! I needed some action! »

I don’t know. Dude doesn’t look too interested in (a perhaps very drunk) Leo? If the drink and four shots were his, I’m sure he’s feeling it right about now. 🙂

Look at the 4 empty glasses and the bigger one with two straws.;) It seems like a drink for two. I’m sute this night was interesting.

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