Chap03 – 6

Un Léo souriant et de bonne humeur, c’était trop beau pour être vrai ! ;D

A smiling and cheerful Leo, it was too good to be true! ;D

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Grumpy Nounours est de retour ! \o/
Allez Archi, avoue que tu lui propose une pause pour le voir retirer son haut mouillé et se déhancher devant toi XD (Je ferais pareil donc je comprend :3)

J’aime bien la façon dont la pluie est représentée ^v^

I think that there was a bit of translating …error in what the rich guy was saying, but I don’t understand why the gardener was nice to him in the last page, and so grumpy now.

Or was he being ‘funny’ in the last page and not really nice?

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Leo was nice with Ambrose because they had a great time in the previous chapter. Though, Leo is still a bit wary with him as he doesn’t know him well. And Leo is not someone that like to be bossed around, that’s mostly why he’s getting grumpy. He’s quite a moody character, I must say.
I hope that’s clearer now 😉

« I would like to offer you a short break » sounds better, the « to do » is not necessary.

Poor Ambrose doesn’t know what he did wrong =(

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