Chap03 – 7

Ouh là là, il y a de l’eau dans le gaz !

Ouh la la, there’s trouble brewing !

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Grrrrr!! Yay! Grumpy bear returned with a BANG!!!! 😀 Archi, what you gonna do? (⊙_⊙’)

The word in the last panel is in French but I think I got the meaning. 😉

Héhé ça gronde ! Comment vont-ils se réconcilier… l’avenir reste ouvert… très ouvert…

Je note néanmoins une chose dans ce que dit Léo… Cela fait 5 ans qu’il observe monsieur… Je dis ça je dis rien… 8D

Je ne suis pas sûr qu’il faille prendre sa réflexion de cette manière… Il veut davantage dire que personne ne s’est soucié de savoir s’il bossait sous la pluie durant ces 5 années. Ambroise compris. 😉

Oulalala, comment Ambroise va t’il s’en sortir? Il a l’air bien grognon Leo. Faut croire que la pluie ca lui reussi pas tant que ça. 😉

I am so happy I stumbled upon this comic! I get a kick out of it.

I think the English equivalent for the very bottom in what Leo is saying is « keep your misplaced sense of pity to yourself ». And I am bit confused about what Leo is saying in his first speech bubble . . .

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! And thanks for the translation tip, I just corrected Leo’s balloon. 🙂

About the 1st speech bubble of Leo, in fact he’s implying that Ambrose is bringing up the health subject on false pretence, only to be obeyed (hence the misplaced sense of pity).

Hi there. I’ve been reading your comic for some time now and most of your English translations are great, but I think Léo’s first speech bubble could use some adjustment. A better translation might be:

« Spoken like a man who’s used to having people at his beck and call! »

This could take on a double meaning:

1) If Ambroise is sick, he doesn’t have to work and someone will be there to take care of him because he’s a « spoiled brat ». Léo doesn’t have that luxury and somewhat resents him as a result.

2) Léo declines the invite because he thinks Ambroise is just doing so to flex his authority, and not because he actually cares (he just likes telling people what to do).

I hope this helps.

Hello Batty. Thank you very much for your translation, it’s exactly the line I wanted Leo to say!

I you find some other weird English translation in the forthcoming pages, please feel free to correct me as you did for this one. I know my English is not perfect and only wish to improve it. So any help is much welcome.

Thank you again. 🙂

You never express »ed » « those » kind of qualms
You never « once » express »ed » « those kind of qualms
Adding the « once » is just a suggestion, it emphasizes the fact that this is the first time

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