Chap04 – 23

André est sur le départ, qui va préparer ses bons pancakes à Ambroise ?

Who will cook some delicious pancakes for Ambrose when André’ll be retired?

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AHA. Now what, Ambroise? u.u I’d say, you should ask Leo to give you cooking lessons AND well, you know, something interesting happens when there’s food and a two lovers…

(Kidding aside, Marc, let me tell you I really love how you’re leading Ambroise towards an indipendence gained time by time, realisations taken not all of a sudden, but with mistakes and patience… ((Next page: Ambroise telling André he absolutely CANNOT retire, LOL xD)))

Thank you very much! I know the story is kind of slow but I’m glad to know that readers enjoy it anyway.

(Ah ah, that would be really funny! xD)

Wasn’t sure who he was, thanks to the comments, he’s the cook. 😀

I like the idea of Leo cooking for him, maybe teaching Ambrose some simple things. Rewards with kisses, or loss of a clothing item? 😀

It’s ok to go slow in YAOI, even though I would love to see some more sexiness. It will come, and Leo is nice to look at meanwhile.

Thanks a lot for been patient. Even if the romantic plot is slow, I can do sexiness, nice bare chests and fine butts to look at! 😉

Considering what Leo said to him, I imagine Archie might decide to try his own hand at cooking a dinner for the both of them…and making a disaster in the kitchen (Eugene! Get the fire extinguisher! Quick!)

LOL, I can easily paint the scene myself xD xD
– I-I’m so sorry, I just wanted-
– Ambroise, for God’s sake, just SHUT THE FU-
*coff coff*
– …sorry, Eugene.

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