Chap06 – 11

Finalement, Ambroise semble bien content de revoir Xavier après si longtemps, quoi qu’il ait pu se passer entre eux auparavant.


Finally, Ambrose seems quite happy to see Xavier after such a long time, whatever happened between them in the past.

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Xaviers seems a bit pompous so I’m sure he and Mr. Grumpy will be bloody enemies, especially for Archie’s heart. Which is already occupied but Mr. Pompy still doesn’t know… 😀

I can’t well understand the sentence in the third bubble (English version) but Kate will say better if it is ok.

Hm, how is it confusing you? Here at The Gardener, we like to try to help you understand how we structure things. <- chipper editor voice

Would it help you if the sentence read, "I can manage my team my from here, but I have to return every so often for complicated contracts." Translating isn't an exact science so what makes sense to Marc and me won't make sense to others. This is why the Internet is great. We can work on these confusing things together!

I understood the meaning, just with the word « every » sounded strange for me. I never said translating is science, just asked as other fans do when something in the English version puzzles them.

Yea, replies automatically go to the bottom, but we know to whom you are responding.

In this case, « every so often » is needed in the sentence. It’s a qualifier for how often Xavier needs to go back to China. 🙂 it can sound a little funny but it’s correct.

Thank you, I’m not native English speaker so as it is correct I learnt a new phrase. I looked in Google Translator and it also says the same. « Every so often » and « every now and then » is about things that happen often.

It’s okay! I’m not a native French speaker so I get the struggle. I only have 3.5 years where I learned French in school, so I get your situation. Reading the comments can leave me thinking, « What did I just read? » HA HA. I don’t always understand it all, but I’m slowly starting to understand from working on the comic (sometimes not!)

Merci Marc pour ton travail sur cette belle page, ça change un peu les idées avec tout ce qui se passe chez nous, j’ai hâte de lire la suite 🙂

Was going throigh Xaviers intro to find out what he does. Frim what inunderstand, he negotiates contracts?

Also i noticed, In ch 6 page 8, maybe it should say, « I almost left »? It doesn’t make much sense « I almost waited ». Meaning, he’s waited a long time and was almost going to leave?

The pouring champagne looks like its a person playing basketball or tennis, or volleyball! I thought it was a reference to a sports team. Wow such detail! Love it! Can’t wait to get to know more of the guy!

That indeed could be worded better. Xavier didn’t wait long, but he was excited so he was like, « dude, you almost made me wait. »

I will put that on my things to look in the afternoon (I’m the editor here at The Gardener aka the perpetual insomniac.) I should be discussing future pages with him soon so I’ll get that one cleared up with it.

Je compte sur Eugène pour aider a gérer les futurs débordements de ce Xavier-vilain-serpent. Sur qu’Ambroise sera du genre à ne pas voir le danger

Va-t-il lui demander s’il peut utiliser la Résidence Archibald comme pied-à-terre jusqu’à ce qu’il soit installé? Ou Ambroise lui proposera-t-il spontanément?

Is he gonna ask if can settle at the Archibald Residence until he’s effectively moved back? Or will Archie suggest it first?

Et en plus tu veux nous semer le doute plus qu’il ne l’est déjà  » quoi qu’il ait pu se passer entre eux auparavant « . xD
Non sinon très belles planches comme toujours.
L’Histoire se complique, ca devient encore plus interessant. 🙂

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