Chap06 – 18

🎊🎊Très bonne et heureuse année 2016 à tous et merci de suivre The gardener pour une nouvelle année !! 🎊🎊 😊

Sinon, bonne nouvelle pour tous ceux qui cherchent à se procurer un exemplaire papier du tome 1 de The gardener, le livre sera bientôt de nouveau disponible ! 😉


🎊🎊Happy new year to you all and thank you very much for following The gardener one more year!! 🎊🎊 😊

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Really nice woman and seems Archi respects her for that. Is it possible she to share something very personal with him, like she doesn’t dance with the young men because she’s not into men (not said directly but he to understand). It would be very interesting storyline.

je sais pas pourquoi, mais j’ai l’impression qu’elle cache bien son jeu sous le role de la jeune fille de bonne famille sage et timide!

En tout cas, Bonne et heureuse année a toi Marc. Et merciiii de toujours nous faire profiter de tes belles planches. 😉

Happy New Year and thank you fir making this amazong comic! I enjoy every update!

It sucks to be shy and at a social event. Xavier somehow breaks through. He may love her, its just he had to get the gay out. Sorry, this may seem bad to word it this way. I think Xavier is bisexual.

At least he knows how to act in public and treat a lady right!

Euh… Le lien de partage pour tumblr ne fonctionne pas. Suis-je le seul concerné?
Erm… The share link to tumblr doesn’t work. Or is it just me?

Not just you, it didn’t work for me too. I used Mozilla add-on for Tumblr sharing instead of it and it worked. So no Tumblr is the prob but this particular widget.

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