Chap06 – 20

Retour au présent, j’espère que ce petit flashback vous a plu. 🙂

Pour celles et ceux qui ne connaitraient pas le mot « inversion », il est synonyme d’homosexualité. 😉


Back to present, I hope you enjoyed this short flashback. 🙂

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Je ne connaissais pas la signification du mot « Inversion »! Je dormirai moins bête ce soir.
Sinon merci pour le flashback et pour ton boulot. J’ai hâte de lire la suite

J’apprends aussi un nouveau mot J’ai beaucoup aimé le flash back et la personnalité d’Isabelle. J’ai hâte de revoir Leo, il commence à me manquer hahaha!

Naked Archi, oh, my, I can’t stop drooling!!! ♥♥♥

My new suspicion – as Xavi never hide hit taste in hot men and Isabelle never was into a relationship with a man, then probably they both decided to marry each other yet every to continue to be what he/she is? This is kind of thing that happens sometimes.

Isn’t « inversion » a mostly negative term?

Naked Archie is always a treat. <3

I wouldn't be so sure Isabelle is a lesbian. It could very well be she didn't want to be in a relationship because (theoretically) she could have been busy with school and didn't have time nor interest in a relationship, or she simply wasn't ready for any serious relationships. She's pretty shy and not one to dance at big fancy dances, so getting a date isn't easy (and boy can I relate.)

True, as it is like a description of me as you said it. Not always having a crush is a priority. Just her reply to Archi that as men don’t have same taste so the women do too was a bit in the direction she’s into girls.

I forget that English isn’t everyone’s first language (I remember that your first language isn’t English.) Archie said « not all men have the same taste in women. » Isabelle doesn’t know he’s gay. As readers, we know he isn’t into women, but she doesn’t. Isabelle responds, « As do women, » meaning not all women have the same taste in men. Of course, it CAN mean that she is bisexual/lesbian as well and we don’t know it yet, but she could simply be stating that the men here don’t interest her one bit.

So, hope that clears up where I’m headed. It can be taken both ways. (If you got that too then excuse my totally pointless explanation. I feel like maybe you weren’t getting where my brain is.)

Not my first language but definitely not on a basic level. 😉 He said « not all men have same taste », no « not all men have same taste in women ». That is what lead me to that conclusion. But of course, it could also means that one is not into dating/romance stuff in general.

Actually Vesto, you’re right. 😉 What Ambrose meant was that he is into men so her answer can be understood like she’s into girls.

je comprends toujours pas ce Xavier, il a une sale mentalité et il arrive a mettre dans sa poche des gens aussi bien qu’Ambroise ou Isabelle. il ne les méritent pas

« Inversion » hasn’t been a positive term since… well, it’s never been a positive term in English. « Sexuality » might be more neutral.

So I know too. Probably is different in French but in English it was absurdly used in middle of 20th century to point homosexuality as illness.

Christopher and Vessto3,

Marc and I talked about this. I would have preferred « homosexuality » as it’s a term most English people know; it’s definitely a more polite term that gay/fairy/queer/etc in our language. (I had to look up « inversion » as I had never heard of it.)

However, I am the editor who knows that there are going to be words or phrases where the creator needs to choose the right one. This was one of them. I gave him a few different options and explained each one. I can always talk to him later when we get around to working on the third book if it remains a sore point with readers and find the train of thought.


I already read in the English Wikipedia. « Inversion » in English was used in 19th and early 20th century to point homosexuality as illness.

It was never a positive word in English. It is strange for Archi as a gay man and in 21st century to use it. « Sexuality » would be perfectly fine.

Marc, please read the other opinions in English above and Wikipedia article and if possible reconsider your decision. This word is kinda bothering in the English translation.

I didn’t know inversion had a negative undertone, I thought it was a more refine way to talk about homosexuality. I’ll change it soon.
That was an interesting linguistic debate, don’t you think? 😉

Can’t reply directly, Marc, no Respond button in you comment, so I reply to my comment. Yup, I agree the debate was interesting, and the clarification was necessary imho.:)

This word has always given me shivers as « invert » too which is an offensive term which derives from it. Almost the same pronunciation is in my language and the same negative tone.

Funnily enough, inversion was one of the few words I didn’t have to look up while taking a shot at reading the French dialogue. I think it must be a bit more widely used in English, but usually with medical/negative overtones.

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