Chap06 – 21

Voilà, c’est dit ! Il ne lui reste plus qu’à se trouver un charmant monsieur à épouser ! 😉


That being said, our dear Ambrose now only must find a gentleman to wed! 😉

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Mais il l’a déjà trouvé ce charmant Monsieur! (>_<)
Il reste juste à le convaincre… Et c'est pas gagné (=_=)

Don’t hurry to take on your underwear! I love starring at your ass!!

He’ll be surprised as not a well-mannered gentleman but a grumpy bear will be his spouse. 😉

Mais enfin le charmant monsieur est juste sous ses beaux yeux, voyons!
D’ailleur pourquoi on le voit plus Leo? Il pourrait passer devant la fenetre de ce cher Ambroise qui est en pleine meditation, non? 😉

merci beaucoup pour cette page
maintenant que tu as compris Ambroise va chercher ton Léo. d’abord tu prends une douche hein parce que venir avec l’odeur d’un autre ben non ça le fait pas.
Et Léo dans tout ça il en est où de ses masturbations cérébrales au sujet d’Ambroise ?

It does make me wonder…Ambrose is a product of his upbringing. I realize he’s sexually liberated, and that’s great, but is he too tied up in class issues to consider Leo as a ‘suitable’ husband? I mean, his vision of his future man is covered in shadow…if he was considering Leo, why not have the man BE Leo? It would be interesting if Abrose’s parents cared more about the station of their son’s partner rather than the gender.

Uh, we’re talking about the same Ambi right? He’s still figuring out his feelings for Leo still! We know Leo is totally heels-over-head in love with him, but Ambi is the kind of guy that once is has his eyes on somebody, he just can’t think of anyone else (from what I know of him anyway.) I don’t think he’s actually gotten around to thinking about Leo like that YET.

On a second thought, these flowers in the hand of the hypothetical spouse… Seems Archi’s subconsciousness brought up the idea who this shadow husband might be. 😀

In panel 4, a better translation would be just « Anyway don’t expect me to do the same. »
Sweet. I like where this story is going and how it is going there.

Hi Wildflower,

This is the editor/translator of The Gardener. While most times I would totally agree with you, as editor I also have to take in the character’s natural way of speaking and character. Archie speaks rather formally and the translation you have is fairly informal. That’s why I chose the translation I chose. Had it been Leo, I would have picked yours. 🙂


Fair point, Kate. I had not thought of that. You are clearly a conscientious translator. Thanks for your work!
So I take that back. Still, « …expect from me to… » is very unusual, even wrong I think. Normal phrasing would be « …expect me to… ».


I would have to look at it when I get home (I’m on my way to a horse lesson.) However, it’s not a wrong way of speaking (and I’d caution you to call something blatantly « wrong » in English. My mom is a linguist and can tell you how often something perceived as « wrong » is correct in certain circles or was correct at one point in time for English.) As someone who inherited my mom’s love of language, I’m always trying to look at the times, circles, personalities and the personality the character is and surrounded by. Some will speak more old school and out-of-date (I certainly speak more old fashioned than modern), some will speak way modern, some people speak crass and some speak very politely.

No doubt we’ll check and recheck all of the pages going into book 3 and then argue amongst ourselves on the coloring or translation of certain pages (nah, we never argue. Disagree sometimes, never argue.) We’re such perfectionists. Goofy but very cooperative perfectionists. 😛

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