Chap06 – 22

Vous l’avez réclamé, eh bien le voici dans toute sa splendeur d’ours mal léché ! 😜😂

À lundi prochain pour la toute dernière page du chapitre ! 😉


You wanted to see Leo ? Well, here he is in all his grumpyness glory! 😜😂

Next page will the very last of this chapter, stay tuned! 😉

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In English it should read « What time is he from, the 12th century? » English is so weird this way, but time is singular when it refers to a time period or era, as in this case. It becomes plural when something happens multiple times.


Minor edit, fourth panel: « What time is he from, the 12th century? » (or we could even go for, « What does he think this is? The 12th century?! » Actually, I kind of like that one more….)

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