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Chap06 – 3

Ambroise ne saute pas de joie à l’idée de voir ce mystérieux Monsieur Eisenauge…


Ambroise doesn’t seem very happy to see this mysterious Mister Eisenauge…

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C’est clair qu’il n’a pas l’air folichon à l’idée de voir ce mystérieux personnage…
Hum… J’ai hâte d’en savoir plus.

It seems Archi is more puzzled than delighted from the mysterious man’s appearance… Maybe Archi was his unrequited love?

I love the colors in the last panel too, greatly show how Archi’s mood changes. 😀

hooo j’adore ces differentes expressions, il n’y a vraiment pas besoin de mots pour le comprendre. xD
Maintenant, tu m’intrigue, je me demande qui est cet homme qui se pointe.

C’est assez cavalier de dire à l’hôte qu’un visiteur l’“attendra dans le petit salon”, non? On fait attendre le visiteur dans l’entrée ou l’antichambre et quand il sied à ‘Monsieur’, on le fait entrer. Eisenauge prend ses aises, là!

It’s quite peculiar to tell the host that a visitor “will be waiting in the parlor”,isn’t it? Shouldn’t he be seated in the lobby or the antechamber and when ‘Sir’ sees fit, he’s introduced. Eisenauge feels/acts strangely at home!

A parlor is traditionally seen as an antechambor for homes. The name comes from the French word « parler » which means « to speak. » These rooms are used to receive guests in bigger homes (meaning the guests wait and the owner will greet them or the owner will sometimes will all ready be in the room.) They will then retire into a less formal and more personal room if the guest(s) are family friends, family or friends in general.

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