Chap07 – 9

Léo a dépassé les bornes, on n’avait jamais vu Ambroise aussi en colère…

La semaine prochaine, j’ai une annonce importante à faire donc soyez au rendez-vous ! 😉

Leo went to far, we never saw Ambrose so furious…

Next week, I’ll be doing a huge announcement so stay tuned! 😉

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C’est surtout que c’est son jardin secret….
Et que l’objet de ses désirs a vu ses peintures… qui sont magnifiques!!
Il a gardé la fleur, c’est un petit pas!!
Ils vont y arriver…. hein!!

j’ai plus l’impression qu’il est super ultra mega gené plus qu’en colere.
mais ils sont trop mimi rougissant tous les 2. kyaaaa.

Maintenant, Léo va devoir /doublement/ s’excuser‼ Et il ne sait même pas pourquoi…!?

(dis Marc, il ne faudrait pas un trait d’union entre « pensez » et « vous »?)

Accidentally entering someone’s personal space is not cool, but, I have to say that painting tons of erotic paintings of someone without their permission is also crossing a boundary. Especially if you are their employer and especially if you are pretending to sketch flowers when you are sketching them instead. While it is not illegal, it is also pretty invasive and should have been done with consent. Ambroise may be angry and embarrassed at getting caught, part of that embarrassment is because he crossed a line and that isn’t Leo’s fault.

Interesting analysis indeed although I might have to say as artists (and I’m sure Marc can agree here), when it comes to crushes or even just general things we get passionate about, we tend to pour it into our medium of choice.

To ask our crush would be absolutely mortifying because you end with the question, « May I see when you’re finished? » and that’s just mortifying. This is Archi showing his feelings out on paper. They weren’t meant for anyone to see at all except him. He’s feeling very exposed, beyond mortified and very vulnerable.

J’espère qu’un jour ses deux là se trouveront lol.
N’ai crainte sinon :p on sera bien sûr au rdv 🙂
Même si je suis silencieuse :p je suis là à chaque fois XD
Merci à toi en tout cas 🙂 et bonne continuation !

Why would he think that Leo thinks this is a game? He kicked him out without hearing what he had to say.

I seem to have been gone long enough for you to change up your site. It took me a while to understand how to see the English pages. 🙂

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