Chap08 – 14

Allez, Ambroise, ne te laisse pas faire par ce trou du c** !! 💪🏻

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Go go Ambrose, don’t let that assh*** into your life!! 💪🏻

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I would like to point out that the sentence, « Well, I thought we’ve got an understanding on the topic, » is unfortunately not grammatically correct. Since « thought » and « got » are both in past tense, the present tense contraction, « we’ve / we have, » should be changed to past tense as well (we’d / we had). However, this adjustment would still be considered poor grammar, despite it now being grammatically correct. My suggestion: « …I thought we had reached an understanding on the topic –Why such a change of face? » reads much more fluidly in English than, « Well, I thought we have got an understanding on the topic. Why such a change of face? »

J’espère qu’il ne va même pas essayer de trouver une excuse genre:
‘Navré Monsieur, mais Monsieur fait dire à monsieur qu’il n’est pas là…’

I hope he won’t even bother to come up with an apology like:
‘Sorry sir, but Monsieur Archibald says Monsieur is not here…’

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