Chap09 – 21

Vraiment Léo ? Est-ce tout ce dont tu es capable ? N’y a-t-il pas une autre solution ? 😣

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Really Leo? Is this all you can do? Is there no other solution? 😣

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En même temps si il n’est plus l’employé d’Ambroise il se retrouve d’égal à égal (dans la tête de Léo s’entend) et il pourrait bien lui proposer autre chose ?

Goddammit leo!!! AAAAAAAAAAAUGH.

Running away cuz you don’t believe you are allowed to have anything nice or anyone nice is just damned stupid!
Allow someone to accept you, or get some fecking mental help!!!
(or let papa bear beat some sense into you.. i’ll accept that at this juncture)


Good luck with that mate. Ambrose will hound you to the ends of the earth, and Dany is going to murder you.

But fine, if you think this fixes things.

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